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Detailed description of fingerprint minutiae will be given in the next section. Fingerprint are graphical patterns of ridges and valleys on the surface of fingertips, mainly focused and widely used fingerprint feature as minutiae matching, which basically represent as the dot, short ridge, lake, spur, bridge, double bifurcation, trifurcation, ridge ending, opposed bifurcation, ridge crossing and bifurcation . Ending (Green) - Bifurcation (Blue) - Delta (Red) - Loop (Orange) - Whorl (Pink) Reference. Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm , Farah Dhib Tatar; Fingerprint Singular Point Detection Algorithm by Poincaré Index, Jin Bo, Tang Hua Ping, Xu Ming Lan; Fingerprint Recognition: A study on image enhancement and minutiae extraction This paved the way for the recognition of the image as these are the required features of an fingerprint image.(a) (b) Fig 5.2 (a): thinned image (b): Extracted features Bifurcation TerminationBifurcationFig 1.1: Dot representing minutiae Fingerprints can be categorized based on their global pattern of ridges and valleys. Chemical fixing
Chemicals can be used to help find fingerprints on many types of smooth surfaces.
Forensic specialists may use chemicals to reveal prints and then take pictures of them
Super Glue fuming produces good prints on nonporous surfaces such as a metal, leather, and plastic.

Fingerprint bifurcation

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All the biometric techniques have received the most attention for person identification. This research paper establishes correspondence between two fingerprints based on ridge ending and bifurcation points. The fingerprint matching accomplished. I want to find total no. of termination and bifurcation points on an fingerprint image which is filtered properly.

Key words: - Minutiae points, Ridges, Furrows, Bifurcation,  Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS):: a biometric system of Bifurcation: a pattern in a fingerprint where a single ridge divides to form two ridges. tion algorithms in automatic fingerprint recognition systems.

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bifurcation or termination of ridges. A fingerprint image is captured in one of two ways shown in Fig. 1.1. 1.

Fingerprint bifurcation


Fingerprint bifurcation

Steps: Extracting ridge and bifurcation points using Otsu tresholding and morphological operations. Finding convex hulls of the minutiae points. Fingerprint identification is the study of friction ridges on the finger and the use of specific markers, minutiae.

Ridge Crossing.
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Fingerprints are the pattern of the epidermal ridges on fingers. They consist of friction ridge units that can be characterised by patterns (arrangement of ridges) and minutiae (small specific details such as bifurcations and ridge endings). The advent of Digital Fingerprint processing system motivates to review new concepts of fingerprint matching algorithm.

This work forms the basis for modern-day fingerprint forensics.
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Although there are fingerp rint matching techniques and, 2) ridge bifurcation.