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Apr 23, 2016 The Hasselblad 500EL was first used on Apollo VIII in 1969 and continued to be used until Apollo 11. With a lunar EVA planned, the 500EL had  Jul 23, 2009 Hasselblad 500 EL Data Camera. Photo by Hasselblad. This camera had to work in the extreme conditions of space, with vacuum and  Jun 16, 2007 Cameras covered are the Hasselblad 1600F, 1000F, 500C, 500EL, Super-Wide and Super.Wide C. Consequently it does not cover the later  Hello, I have a couple of Hasselblad 500 EL/M with the original NiCad DEAC battery. These have not been in service for a while to the bateries  Mar 22, 2014 NASA camera Hasselblad 500EL The camera used by astronaut Jim Irwin during the Apollo 15 mission to the Moon in 1971. AFP: Alexander  Mar 23, 2014 A Hasselblad 500EL "Data Camera HEDC Nasa" Jim Irwin Lunar Module Pilot camera, dated from 1968, used on the moon during Apollo lunar  1 janv.

Hasselblad 500el

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AU $295.47 + shipping. Seller 94.4% positive. Hasselblad 500 EL/M Leergehäuse schwarz für den Bastler. AU $11.76 + shipping.

The knobs are bigger so you could use them with space gloves.

Köp Batteri til Hasselblad Camera 500-EL 6V 800mAh NIMH 5

Three 500EL cameras were carried  Order your Fotodiox Battery Adapter for Hasselblad 500EL, 500ELM, 500ELX, 553EL (Hassy-CRP2) for €59.00 at Photospecialist.com. If ordered before 4:00  Aug 3, 2013 Up for grabs right now is a Hasselblad 500EL Electric NASA edition, complete with all the modifications it would need to make a trip to the moon. Hasselblad 500EL/M is a motor-driven SLR camera which meets and exceeds the demands of studio and outdoor photography.

Hasselblad 500el

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Hasselblad 500el

Camera strap with adjustable ends. Specifications Length: 69.5cm (27.3 in) Compatibility X System. $60.00 907X. 907X 50C.

Hasselblad 503CW + A12 + Planar 80mm f/2.8 CB Hasselblad 500EL/M ,20 years in space, kit.
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With a lunar EVA planned, the 500EL had  Jul 23, 2009 Hasselblad 500 EL Data Camera. Photo by Hasselblad.

907X 50C.
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A NASA kapcsolatnak hála a Hasselblad ismert és népszerű lett a profi fotósok körében. 2019-07-21 2019-10-03 the "Hasselblad 500C/M" heading.